Recruitment Advertising


MITTON Media is a recruitment advertising agency that excels at driving Candidate Attraction for employers. We design effective omni-channel recruitment advertising and employer branding campaigns with one-voice message orchestration that results in significantly reduced candidate sourcing time for professional, hourly and skilled-workforce positions. By humanizing the hiring process, MITTON Media facilitates the ability of employers to better target, attract, and hire candidates of higher quality and retain a greater number of top-performers.

Recruitment That Works!®

MITTON Media’s omni-channel recruitment advertising agency services generate consistent candidate attraction because they are designed with one thing in mind: Facts inform. Emotion sells. Effective recruitment programs are all about humanizing the recruitment process. It’s not enough to provide the basic facts found in a job description. Recruitment advertising programs also need to humanize the workplace, include emotional connecters that reach, engage, and attract top candidates.

MITTON Media injects personality into all levels of the recruitment process. By demonstrating to prospective candidates how their lives will be better by going to work for the employer, our recruitment advertising programs significantly shorten candidate sourcing time, attract higher-quality applicants, and strengthen the employer brand .

Is Your Employer Brand Helping or Hurting?

Does your company’s reputation encourage or discourage potential candidates? Are you known as an Employer-of-Choice or Employer-of-Last Resort?

How can you influence these opinions?

Build A Better Brand

MITTON Media strengthens your employer brand by humanizing your workplace. Using our SPOT-ON ASSESSMENT® process and other fact-finding devices, MITTON Media first uncovers strengths and weaknesses and then discloses the true employer value propositions you have with designate segments of prospective candidates. Our process includes sessions with managers and recruiters, informal focus groups, in-house online surveys, competitive digital footprint surveys, and field interviews.

We use the gathered information to create an omni-channel plan of action with one-voice message orchestration that transforms your corporate reputation into that of being THE workplace where everyone in industry wants to bring their careers.

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