Critical Time to Recruit Laid Off Oilfield Workers

While the price of oil has resulted in layoffs in the oilfield industry, it has not impacted the construction industry nor its supporting industries. Nor has it negatively impacted the transportation sector. Demand for skilled construction workers, drivers and mechanics is reaching record levels. These laid off oilfield workers are trained, skilled and have the ability to be more productive, faster, than candidates with less experience.

oilfield-workersIf you are recruiting for the Construction, Maintenance or Transportation sectors why not take advantage of the large pool of oilfield workers now available. These are highly trained and professional workers with parallel skill sets that can meet your needs and fill your open job requisitions.

It is critical you reach these people now before they get hired by someone else, or the price of oil bounces back. Now is the time to build marketing strategies and advertising plans that target, reach, and engage these individuals. Let them know about the opportunities waiting to be filled at your company. Share with them your company’s positive employer brand message.

How do you do that? How do you reach these oilfield workers? You may be tempted to place traditional job want ads in the newspaper but that’s not the answer. First, most people under 50 don’t subscribe to the newspaper any more. Second, you would have to buy ads in so many newspapers, your cost to hire would go through the roof.

Job Boards? Sure, that form of internet marketing is easy to use. But which ones should you use? Is there any guarantee that the people you want to reach are even looking at those sites?

You need a well-researched and targeted advertising campaign that blends marketing strategies, including:

  • wide reaching broadcasts
  • targeted social media marketing,
  • solid search engine based internet marketing
  • creative hiring messages

You need to reach and engage these high quality prospective applicants before they ever make it to an online job board. Marketing with a What’s-In-It-for-Me message creates an emotional connection between the candidate and your company. This is key to attracting them to your company.

This may seem overwhelming, but don’t worry. Contact MITTON Media. We take the pain out of the process.  We‘ll work for you, with well researched, well planned and executed recruitment advertising, marketing and employer branding programs. MITTON Media’s proven strategies will drive qualified candidates to you, lower your cost to hire, and dramatically improve your recruitment ROI.

David Foster

Sr. Consultant – MITTON Media



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