Why Your Recruitment Ads Don’t Work

When you advertise for openings in your company are you really marketing your company, or just posting what the hiring manager told you about the position?
Let’s look at a typical ad.
Generic Job Ad 1

The above ad isn’t really going to grab anyone’s attention, is it?

  1. It doesn’t identify the company. Is a seasoned IT professional really going to consider answering a blind ad? Is he or she going to consider leaving their current job for something they know nothing about?
  2. The ad talks about what the company wants, but where is the incentive to the candidate? The ad doesn’t tell the candidate what’s in it for them. There is nothing saying why the candidate’s life would be better by switching employers.
    1. Your best candidates are those that are already employed and productive for their current employer.
    2. The ad offers no enticements to make a move.
  3. The ad makes no emotional or psychological connection with the candidate.
    1. IT professionals like a challenge. Tell them you offer that.
    2. IT professionals like to work with the latest technology. Offer them that.
  4. The ad uses tired, worn out phrases every candidate has heard before.
    1. Competitive wages – who cares, I’ll just stay where I am if that’s all you have.
    2. Excellent working environment – Too general. Tell them what will excite them about your company, an environment that challenges their skills.
    3. Growth Opportunities – Really? What kind? How long will it take?
  5. The ad is in black & white
    1. Candidate’s reaction – Must not be a very big company if they can’t afford a splash of color.

 You were hired to manage Human Resources, not Company Branding

That’s true but in today’s battle for the best talent, you have to sell both your company and your open positions to win the war for the best talent.

  1. Tell them who you are. People want to know who they are responding to.
  2. Talk about what you have to offer the candidate, then tell them who you are looking for and what skills they need.
  3. Tell them why they will be better off coming to work for your company. Be specific.
  4. Use color. Your ad will stand out and get noticed.

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David Foster

Sr. Consultant – MITTONMedia

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