How To Give Banner Ads Superpowers

Are you frustrated with the lack of results you’re seeing from your banner ads?

Peter Platt, President of PSquared Digital, has written an article you need to read: The 5 superpowers of banner ads we’ve overlooked.

According to Platt, banner ads have gotten a bad rap over the years — and it’s mostly our own fault. It’s time to move past the “because we’ve always done it that way” metrics, like click-through rates, and focus on what banner ads do well:

  • Building awareness
  • Targeting
  • Variety
  • Uniqueness
  • Cost efficiency
  • Viewability and privacy

Platt concludes by challenging the notion that it’s time to move all your media to display. Like all silver bullets that have come before it, display ads are not the panacea many are trying to make them out to be. Not even close.

As we share with our MITTON Media clients, the right media mix is still incredibly important.  Brand impact and awareness are important, too. If no one is aware of your product, you’re not going to get sales, right?

Take a few minutes and read, The 5 Superpowers of Banner Ads We’ve Overlooked.  Learn how to take advantage of the superpowers of banner ads and build awareness with the right audience in unique ways that inspire them to act.

To learn more about how to give superpowers to your banner ads, contact Peter Platt at PSquared Digital or me, John Mitton, at MITTON Media.

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