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How does a former brakeman for Southern Pacific Railroad and LPGA Tour Caddie end up becoming a recruitment advertising industry icon known as, The Father of Job Ads on Radio & TV?

Find out in this up-tempo, entertaining two-part podcast with John Mitton, President of MITTON Media.

Maybe it’s the ADD/ADHD talking or his “outside looking in” perspective but things are never dull when John is around. And honestly, the clients of MITTON Media wouldn’t have it any other way. Said one, “I may not use all the new ideas you bring me but at least now, when I start to hear the industry buzz, I can say that John Mitton brought the idea to me six months ago.”

John’s diverse background is most likely responsible for the unique “MITTON-ized” way of doing things that employers have come to know and appreciate.

Always on the cutting-edge, John was creating omni-channel marketing campaigns and strategic message orchestration when they were but just a twinkle in eye of the person charged with generation of industry buzzwords. John was successfully humanizing the hiring process, using emotional connection to engage and attract top candidates, while the Society of Unwritten Rules still believed resume keywords were king and technology would be the salvation of the employee recruitment process. (Rumor has it that many in the Society still believe that to be the case.)

The Status Quo is never safe around John, especially if you’re talking about the “because we’ve always done it this way” syndrome.  It gets really quiet during his Beyond Post & Pray recruitment advertising workshop when he takes the audience through the MITTON Media Value Pyramid of Good, Cheap, and Easy.

John gently leads attendees to the realization that most of the recruitment resources being selected today are not being used because of their effectiveness or cost-efficiency. No, most recruitment advertising resources are being used because thanks to a lack of advertising and marketing expertise and experience, they offer the HR professional and recruiter an easy way out, the path of least resistance. Unfortunately this mindset usually ends up wasting thousands of employer dollars and is responsible for the loss of many top candidates to competitors.

In Part 1 of the podcast, John and David Foster talk about how it all got started. How MITTON Media became known for doing things a more effective way by using emotional-connection to reach, engage, and generate response from top candidates, significantly shortening candidate sourcing time.

In Part 2 of the podcast, John and David discuss the Points-of-Difference MITTON Media offers to employers in today’s multi-generational workplace. Taking pain out of the process by doing all the work and having clients get the credit…and often, promoted! Learn about MITTON Media’s unique spin on the Employer Branding process, behavioral targeting, successful message orchestration strategies, and how MITTON Media continues to deliver results not by following the hottest industry trends but by doing what works, humanizing the recruitment process.

If you would like to hear more about how MITTON Media can help you “Humanize” your hiring process, send us a quick email and a member of the MITTON Media team will be in touch shortly.

Thanks for listening!

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