Retaining High Potential Employees

I was reading the latest edition of HR Decisions Magazine last night and came across an article that not only impacts most of our clients at Mitton Media, but most mid-size to large companies throughout the country:


HR DecisionsThe economic slump of the past several years has had lingering effects—one of them being a workforce still packed with Baby Boomers who are well beyond traditional retirement age. Some of them have discovered they need to continue working for financial reasons.

In many ways, this is a great development for your organization.You are able to keep their years of knowledge and talent in use in the company, with great mentorship potential. Other effects, however, can be challenging,  like stagnating job growth opportunities for the employees lower on the ladder when there is little turnover above.

The bottom line is that your younger employees may feel there’s no room for them to advance in your company right now—and they may well be right. Given that you hopefully have a lot of high-potential (HiPo) talent you want to retain and develop, how do you keep these star GenX, Gen Y, and Millennial workers on board when they’re bumping against a Boomer ceiling?

Employees, particularly HiPos, can feel unappreciated and frustrated when they’re not able to advance through the ranks. Obviously, you don’t want to lose good employees in this situation. And, of course, it’s your Hi-Pos who are most attractive to your competition.

How do you keep HiPos happy and engaged, even when there’s little current room for promotion? Here are five Strategies for success:

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Keep in mind, that not only will these strategies help you retain and make your high potential employees more productive, they will also make it easier to recruit older candidates with a wealth of experience and knowledge.

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