Candidates are mobile. Are you?

At Mitton Media, we are all about helping our clients stay up on the latest trends.  One of the biggest trends in finding and attracting top candidates is having your recruitment efforts be MOBILE FRIENDLY. That is, you have to have not only a mobile capable website and ATS (if you use one) but a complete mobile based recruitment strategy.

mobile-phone-appsA recent Simply Hired Survey showed that 86 percent of job seekers would like to use their mobile devices when searching for jobs. They not only want to use their mobile device to find a job, they want to use it to research employers and apply.

Recently iCIMS came out with 5 capabilities candidates want to see from employers:



  1. Alerts – After spending a tremendous amount of effort bringing
    candidates to your career portal, the last thing you want to do is lose them
    because you don’t currently have a job opening. Give candidates the ability to
    sign up for job alerts so they stay connected with your organization.
  2. Apply using a mobile device  – When a candidate sees a job they are
    interested in, they want to apply for it right away. Organizations do not want to
    take the chance of losing the candidate by making them wait until they get in
    front of a PC to complete an application.
  3. Share job openings via social media  – Organizations that expect
    current employees to get the word out when job openings exists should allow
    the same for former employees and candidates. Let people put their endorsement
    on your jobs and share it with their networks: “Cool job!” “Great opening at
    a great company!”
  4. Share job openings via email – Candidates often see job openings
    that are perfect for a friend or relative. Organizations should take advantage
    of this opportunity by giving people who visit their site the ability to share job
    openings using email.
  5. Track application status – Once a candidate applies, they want to
    know where their application is in the selection process. Candidates understand
    they cannot and will not get a call for every opening they apply for. But respect
    the time they spent filling out the application and bring closure to the process.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Want to learn more? Give me a call at 713-594-1947 and we can discuss your situation over a cup of coffee and then design programs that will drive top talent to you.



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