You cannot afford to lose key people, even in a downturn


If your company has been hit hard by the economic downturn, like so many others, you may have had to lay people off just to keep the doors open and continue limited operations. No one likes this, but many fail to see the hidden secondary negative impact: Your key people start to lose faith and look elsewhere for employment.

Let’s face it, if you start to lose key people, you won’t be able to keep the business you do have, and things will go from bad to worse. These are the people that are keeping you going now, the ones with the experience and knowledge to keep things going in the downturn.  If they go, the whole company may go.

So what do you do?

The first step is to find out where everyone’s head is at. Ok, in HR terms, are they still engaged or do they already have one foot out the door?  You could ask them, but do you really expect to get a truthful answer.

The best way to find out where your company stands with your key people is to do an anonymous employee engagement survey and study, like the Mitton Media, Spot-On-Assessment program.

With the Spot-On-Assessment, employees are free of the fear of the employer knowing who they are and the fear of how their answers will be perceived by “the boss”.  This allows them to answer truthfully and offer honest insights as to how your employees feel about the company. Once you have that data, Mitton Media can work with you to implement programs that make your key employees want to stay, by feeling empowered and important, which goes a lot further to keep a good person than you might imagine.

But in this economy, I can’t afford to do this.

Can you afford not to?  The truth is, the Mitton Media Spot-On-Assessment program is a lot less expensive than those Fortune 500 canned survey companies’ options; And it is a lot less expensive than losing your key people.

At this point you’ve managed to slow the bleeding, but can you avoid the pending hemorrhage of people? It’s up to you to be proactive and protect your company from further loses. It costs nothing to call us. It may cost you everything if you don’t.


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