Translation: Are you up to date for non-native employees?

translationDoes your company employ non English speakers or people for whom English is not their native language?  If so, are your hiring, HR policy documents, training and safety materials available to them in their native language?

Take a moment and think about that. The modern labor force is culturally diverse.  Every day we run into situations where someone at a client company didn’t understand some of the materials provided them by their employer, simply because English was not their native language.

This can be a real problem, especially where safety is concerned.

Now is the time to take stock of where you stand with your employment, training and safety materials and have them translated into the languages of your non-American employees.

Mitton Media has been doing this for client companies for over 20 years. We can provide document, video and other material translations in any language, from Mandarin Chinese, to Brazilian Portuguese to local dialect Spanish.

We’ve worked with companies all over the world, from 50 employees to 10,000. Today we are working with a global construction form to translate all of their training materials that will be available not only in paper form, but also on a web based platform so that they can be accessed from anywhere on the globe.

steelworkers-chinaOur translation services handle technical materials, medical materials, even government and legal documents, from fields as diverse as Healthcare to Manufacturing to Transportation and Energy.

We also provide video and web-based services in any language so that your employees can not only read about policies or how to handle a safety issue, but watch how it should be handled as well. We can produce your videos and web pages in any language needed.

Check your calendar. Are you behind in getting this done?  Give us a call for a free quote.

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