HR Consulting Firm for Small Business: Ensuring Success for Today’s Workforce

Finding a Small Business-focused HR consulting firm to help ensure peak performance and conquer the challenges of today’s Multi-Generational workplace and workforce is essential for Small Business survival in today’s market place.
HR Consulting firmThis is the fifth segment in a fast-paced and informative podcast series featuring conversations between Dr. Kathryn Keeton, CEO/Managing Consultant of the HR Consulting firm, Minerva Work Solutions, and John Mitton, Founder/President of a leading Employee Recruitment advertising firm, Mitton Media.
In Segment #5, Dr. Keeton talks about two strong trends in today’s workplace and what small and medium-size businesses can do to ensure consistent high performance from their employees:
  1. Diversity of Organization (Driven by “Conductivity.)
  2. Constant Change (Is your business keeping up with competitors?)

Hear more about:

HR consulting firm for Small Businesses

  • The necessity of being able to manage ALL of the generations working under the same roof in today’s workforce.
  • The importance of selecting candidates that will enhance the diversity required in today’s market place.
  • The possibility that fully automated hiring systems (ATS) are actually training candidates NOT to apply online.
  • The advantages Small Businesses enjoy over larger competitors in being able to personalize and humanize the hiring process.

Employee Training

Minerva Work Solutions is an HR consulting firm that focuses on helping small to mid-size businesses with budget-friendly, customized solutions. Visit them online or by using the hashtag #workwiser.
Mitton MediaMitton Media has a proven track record for delivering integrated employee recruitment and employer branding programs that provide competitive separation and significantly reduce candidate sourcing time and overall hiring costs for professional, hourly, and skilled workforce positions. Contact us for more information or to schedule an initial consultation.

(Minerva Work Solutions and Mitton Media wish to thank Radio Lounge USA in Sugar Land, TX, for their assistance in the production of this podcast series.)

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