Story of MITTONMedia: How an LPGA Tour Caddie became “The Father of Job Ads on Radio & TV!”

MITTONMedia: The Real Back Story Each company has it’s own start-up story. Some stories more intriguing than others, like the story of MITTONMedia. In this brief podcast, John Mitton, President of MITTONMedia, fills you in on the serendipity involved in getting this displaced, left-handed Canadian to some how end up starting a successful niche industry
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How to avoid being a slave to your business and get what you want out of life.

Howard Partridge, President of Phenomenal Products, shares how Small Business owners can avoid being slaves to their business and get what they want out of life. This is Segment #1 of the Jobs Pipeline interview with Howard Partridge on September 7, 2014

How to grow a small business during tough times with Howard Partridge

 Are you ready for some Jobs Pipeline Radio?! How do you get ready for Sunday Night Football? Listen to Jobs Pipeline Radio! Jobs Pipeline is on the air Sunday, 6:05p-7p CDT, News 92 FM. Stream it at or via News92 mobile app. First up tonight is what’s going on at Genesis Oil & Gas
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Veteran Energy Supports Military Veterans and Their Families Supports Military Veterans in Texas Kevin Barber and John Boerstler sit down with David Foster, Senior Consultant at MITTONMedia, to explain how Texas electricity company, Veteran Energy, support military veterans and families. Get entire story at Listen to David’s interview with Ken and John on an upcoming broadcast of Jobs Pipeline Radio. Sundays,
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How Playing Golf Can Help Your Business Career

LPGA Master Professional, Deb Vangellow, explains how playing golf can help or hinder your business career, this week on Jobs Pipeline Radio! Deb Vangellow on Jobs Pipeline RadioLPGA Master Professional, Deb Vangellow, is on the guest list for this Sunday’s Jobs Pipeline radio program. Deb will be having a conversation with David Foster and John
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Howard Partridge: How to build your business in today’s economy

How to build your business in today’s economy. How do you build your business in today’s economy? Howard Partridge, President of Phenomenal Products and founder of Clean as a Whistle, joins us this Sunday on Jobs Pipeline Radio with the answers. Howard has a wealth of knowledge to draw from based on personal experience of
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HIHOA Zebra Classic Golf Tournament for

How entrepreneurs give back to the community. Crowded studio at Radio Lounge USA! Putting together this Sunday’s Jobs Pipeline radio program: David Steadman, President of CFR Rental, has advice for first-time business owners about how to cost-effectively furnish the workplace. Jim O’Neill talks about and their charity golf tournament , the HIHOA Zebra Classic
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