Consumer Advertising & Marketing


Every story is different…

Effective consumer advertising is all about writing a good story and then telling it in places that do the best job of reaching an audience most likely to respond and deliver your expected  return-on-investment.

Writing the story

It’s the sizzle that sells products and services. Writing a compelling story with vivid Theater-of-the-Mind imaging  that allows potential customers to feel the benefits of owning your products or services prior to making a purchase. MITTON Media writes great stories because we listen to what you have to say about your company and its products and services. Your knowledge gives us the emotional connections we need to answer the What’s-In-It-for-Me and How Will My Life Be Better questions waiting in the minds of potential customers.

Telling the story to the right audience

Did you know that people over the age of 50 are responsible for almost 50% of consumer spending yet only 5% of advertising is targeted at people over 50? Ignoring an audience with the most dollars to spend is not how we do consumer advertising programs at MITTON Media.

Instead of walking in with prepackaged solutions based on the hottest advertising trends of the week, MITTON Media uses our own marketplace and behavioral research to generate proactive strategies designed to reach the most appropriate audiences for your products and services and deliver a higher return-on-investment.

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